Important Computer Hardware Components And Parts

Computer hardware consists of the different components of a computer including the CPU or the Central Processing Unit, mouse, keyboard, monitor, hard disk, RAM or memory, drives such as the DVD, CD, optical, tape and so forth. All these components are essential for the proper functioning of a personal computer.

Understanding Computer Hardware in Detail

The whole computer is available with the above mentioned components but it is also possible to purchase these components individually from many of the online and offline stores. Some of the most important components include the following:

  • Central Processing Unit or the CPU: the CPU refers to the processor of the computer. Although there are a wide number of companies that manufacture CPUs or processors for personal computers, the Pentium chip manufactured by Intel is widely and commonly used by most of the manufacturers.
  • Keyboard: most important computer hardware includes the keyboard which is essential to enter commands and words. Every key in the keyboard is a representation of an alphabet, number, sign, function and so forth. There are keys which represent actions like Delete, Enter, Alt, Ctrl, Page Up, Page Down, Home, End and many more. Each different key has a specific

New computer program predicts cochlear implant success in hearing-impaired children

A new computer program that analyzes functional brain MRIs of hearing impaired children can predict whether they will develop effective language skills within two years of cochlear implant surgery, according to a study in the journal Brain and Behavior.

In the journal’s Oct. 12 online edition, researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center say their computer program determines how specific regions of the brain respond to auditory stimulus tests that hearing-impaired infants and toddlers receive before surgical implantation.

With additional research and development, the authors suggest their computer model could become a practical tool that allows clinicians to more effectively screen patients with sensori-neural hearing loss before surgery. This could reduce the number of children who undergo the invasive and costly procedure, only to be disappointed when implants do not deliver hoped-for results.

“This study identifies two features from our computer analysis that are potential biomarkers for predicting cochlear implant outcomes,” says Long (Jason) Lu, PhD, a researcher in the Division of Biomedical Informatics at Cincinnati Children’s. “We have developed one of the first successful methods for translating research data from functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of hearing-impaired children into something with

Understand Your Computer Hardware

Computers have become an inseparable part of our culture and we cannot think of a life without computers. They are everywhere; from the calculator in your pocket to the space-ship that landed on a moon, from mobile phones to the satellites, from the desktop PCs to the supercomputers, from sports to industries, and from our kitchen to the white house; they perform countless functions. To understand your computer hardware, you do not need to open the cabinet of your PC, you can start with the basic of computer hardware.

What is Computer Hardware

Computer hardware is a set of devices that are interlinked to get the tasks done by the computer. For computers to run, both hardware and software are required. Software are the automated programs that help us to communicate with the machine and get the results.


Motherboard is a word used in reference with a board that holds many computer hardware partstogether.

CPU: Central Processing Unit is the brain of your computer system. It shows which generation your computer belongs to.

RAM: Random Access Memory is an internal memory that all the input and output functions make use of, while dealing with the CPU.

Motherboard also holds chip

Computers Parts of Computer Hardware

Parts of computer hardware have to be handled carefully, so that they assure maximum effectiveness in the long run. Moreover, a personal computer has become a basic commodity of daily use, wherein, most of the day-to-day human activities depend on them. Therefore, it is essential to possess at-least some basic knowledge about various computer peripherals.

When you decide to purchase a computer, usually initial assistance is provided by the customer care centre of your dealer. An engineer or a maintenance expert gives a visit to your house to check whether the hardware has been installed properly or not. During this time, you can ask about various doubts and get clear explanations about the basic functioning of your PC. Apart from this, you can also refer to computer hardware related books and refer to magazines.

Generally, plenty of information is available on internet on various computer hardware related websites. Most of the manufacturers and computer hardware dealers have their official websites that give descriptions about the usage and assembling of computer peripherals. You can simply surf through a couple of websites to get the basics of computer peripherals, understand their functions and learn about their maintenance techniques.

A personal computer normally consists of basic

A Look at Metadata

A Young girl sticks her toe in a baby’s mouth snaps a photo and sends the picture out on snapchat. Within hours, investigators are at the residence and a case is opened up for abuse in Gaffney, South Carolina. The victim (a baby) is identified and the perpetrator (a fifteen year old girl) is being referred to Juvenile Justice for adjudication. The question is, how did they find and locate this place so quickly? The answer is, Metadata. A rogue NSA contractor has convinced the American public that the government is using metadata to track each one of them. What is Metadata?

Metadata will cause you a Law Enforcement and Criminal Prosecution problem if you are involved in murder, child pornography, illicit drug activity, cyberstalking, etc. If you are an “Enemy of the Government” (involved in Terrorism, Assassination of Officials, Government Overthrow, illegal Computer Cracking, etc.), metadata can cause you problems. The NSA (an Agency within the Department of Defense) is not concerned (or interested) in your affairs, Mona’s sexting or Joe’s robust porn collection and his obsessive self gratification.

What is Metadata

Metadata is data that describes a file or directory (data about data). A computer system is typically filled with files.

Imaging a Linux System

Acquiring a Linux Image

The Administrator is in need of a bit for bit image pending an investigation. When we acquire an image, we are actually performing either an entire hard drive for all of the information on the drive or a single partition. Under Linux we have the advantage of having a built in tool (which is one of my favorites) that will allow us to do an image capture. That built in tool is actually called ‘dd’ (disk dump) (which most Administrators refer to as dupe disk).

For example, the syntax to capture information from a USB drive named Clyde will be:

#sudo dd if=/dev/sda1 of=Clyde.dd

The command ‘dd’ actually grabs a bit for bit image of this USB drive. It can grab a partition or an entire hard disk. For every bit that is on the drive, we will be writing out that image to this file which is called Clyde.dd.

The output of ‘dd’ is what we would consider a raw format because we haven’t done anything to it at this time. It is not in any other form other than the way it was exactly stored on the drive. This makes it a tool investigators and administrators use

Less computing time for sand

Computer graphics today can produce amazingly photorealistic images. Many motives, however, require very long computation times. Researchers of KIT, Disney Research, Zurich, and Cornell University have now developed a process, by means of which granular objects made of e.g. sand, snow or sugar can be computed more quickly. It was presented recently at the ACM SIGGRAPH 2015 International Conference for Computer Graphics in Los Angeles.

“Objects of granular media, such as a sandcastle, consist of millions or billions of grains. The computation time needed to produce photorealistic images amounts to hundreds to thousands of processor hours,” Professor Carsten Dachsbacher of the Institute for Visualization and Data Analysis of KIT explains. Materials, such as sand, salt or sugar, consist of randomly oriented grains that are visible at a closer look only. Image synthesis, the so-called rendering, is very difficult, as the paths of millions of light rays through the grains have to be simulated. “In addition, complex scattering properties of the individual grains and arrangement of the grains in a system can prevent classical acceleration techniques from being used. This makes it difficult to find efficient algorithms,” doctoral student Johannes Meng adds. “In case of transparent grains and long

Faster optimization of computer algorithms

Optimization problems are everywhere in engineering: Balancing design tradeoffs is an optimization problem, as are scheduling and logistical planning. The theory — and sometimes the implementation — of control systems relies heavily on optimization, and so does machine learning, which has been the basis of most recent advances in artificial intelligence.

This week, at the IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, a trio of present and past MIT graduate students won a best-student-paper award for a new “cutting-plane” algorithm, a general-purpose algorithm for solving optimization problems. The algorithm improves on the running time of its most efficient predecessor, and the researchers offer some reason to think that they may have reached the theoretical limit.

But they also present a new method for applying their general algorithm to specific problems, which yields huge efficiency gains — several orders of magnitude.

“What we are trying to do is revive people’s interest in the general problem the algorithm solves,” says Yin-Tat Lee, an MIT graduate student in mathematics and one of the paper’s co-authors. “Previously, people needed to devise different algorithms for each problem, and then they needed to optimize them for a long time. Now we are saying, if for

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Full back up data on QuickBooks Online hosting

Get started with QuickBooks today as it is better way to run the enterprise. Almost all small and medium sized have experienced efficient business operation this accounting solution. Managing finances and revenues of the firm are crucial for operating profit and becoming in the venture. QuickBooks application is the best accounting solution operating multiple clients to deliver the company requirements. The accounting application can be simplified tailor made solution to fit specific customer requirements. Exclusive on demand solutions delivered by Intuit makes the product solution more productive for clients. QuickBooks popular versions such as Pro, Premier and professionals are different and are advance solutions. The application is available as free trial software and users can download it on any device. The application on any system software as it is compatible to the entire system configuration. Customers can purchase the new license and get heavy discount as new customers of the Intuit while existing customers can upgrade their user access requirements.

Intuit launches new upgrades to the software which is automatically updated to the client system. Updates to the accounting solution are visible whenever a customer login to the application while plugins, add-ons and add-ins are available to select based on

How to Print Personalised Christmas Cards this year and Make them Extra Special

Know how to print personalised Christmas cards using compatible ink cartridges at a low cost and make them extra special to surprise family and friends.

There are many variations on creating your own Christmas card and adding that personal touch can make all the difference. You can opt for the modern Christmas card just printed 2 sides same as a postcard or go for the more traditional folded card. You can choose a complimentary colour to match your images, maybe red or burgundy text and add a touch of sophistication by printing your card or a glossy card.

It’s possible to find an online outlet for personalized Christmas card but it’s much more fun to make your own. You can download a template from the internet for the size you require, for example A5 in size. The template will usually be in Microsoft Word and will allow you to populate the picture and text boxes. It’s worth noting that any images you choose to use for the photos should be of good quality and not low-resolution images downloaded from the internet, otherwise the quality of the photo on the card will be poor. If you have good quality images taken on

Enhance productivity via Cloud based accounting software

Accounting software is the boon to business industry as it is crucial to all the small and medium firms. All the organization needs accounting software to manage their company. Accountants and bookkeepers are experts on the accounts and they are well versed with the topic. For new users who have less understanding of the accounting can get the free trial software on their device to learn. Learning the application is easier and simpler for all because accounting solutions are simplified process to enhance better understanding of the application. Cloud accounting allows any number of assigned users to collaborate and work in sync. This feature enhances the company’s productivity and organizations perform better in less time. Time management is great benefit as users save enough which they can utilize for other developmental tasks. Accounting application are cost effective solutions so that more and more customers can afford the product. Customers can select subscription based fee or pay as you go option to get the hosting benefits of cloud accounting software.

Cloud based accounting software application is hosted on web servers which are placed remotely. Web servers are servers where accounting application is hosted. Accounting applications on cloud are accessed just the

Benefits of Implementing Web-Based Online ERP Software in India

Enterprise resource planning as the name referred is subjected to provide a unified framework to the entire business. This is the process of automating operational activities of an organization by integrating major modules in an enhanced manner.

Online ERP software is specifically developed for the clients looking to manage their entire business over the internet so that they can easily access all things from anywhere at any time. On-line business management solution only requires an uninterrupted internet connection and a PDF reader to begin or start the app. Some useful advantages of proposed system:

* After development, there is no need of proper implementation of this system. Even users does not need to purchase any other supportive software or hardware to install it.

* For the sales person of the organizations, it has been proven as a boon. Using remote access functionality of software, sales executives can easily update sales related data and take needful decisions quickly and timely.

* People at the managerial level get facilitated with this system by having better visibility and insight. With the remote functionality, they analyze each department and make decisions for the company welfare.

* All web-based ERP in India can be remotely accessed from anywhere in

Low Cost Services from QuickBooks Hosting Provider

QuickBooks is the one accounting solution need for all firms. Organizations around the world use the application to develop their business venture. This product has helped organizations transform the trade and commerce from slow growth to fast forward development. QuickBooks works in a multiple user environment where assigned users of the application can collaborate to access the graphical user interface of the application. Multiple user access features delivers more business productivity as more and more users work in sync. This method increases the company efficiency and creates more revenues, funds. The application is available to customers on customization too for which user should contact the Intuit team to get customized product for their firm. However customers may have to pay different fees for tailor made services which is different from the regular services. QuickBooks is compatible to all software applications such as Microsoft solutions, MAC, Linux or UNIX. The integration makes the task of users easier as data can be easily managed. Data can migrate from one system to another easily thus making the tasks of users, accountants and bookkeepers very easier.

QuickBooks is free for users to learn as the trial period offers free learning for 30 days. Other

QuickBooks remote login is secure online access

Since QuickBooks has been effective in the industry, it has simplified the process of business management. The application is meant to deliver more out of the trading and commerce through accounting application. The accounting application is automated system which operates for small and medium sized organizations. SMEs have progressively grown the enterprise business to successful venture since embraced the QuickBooks solutions. The accounting application has transformed many organizations who have been struggling to establish their venture since QuickBooks is a robust accounting solution so can manage all the account related activities. A company having trouble to manage trading should move to automated system QuickBooks application which can establish the company into a successful trade. QuickBooks is the best accounting application in the market so far. Intuit has marketed the product for SMEs, startups and self-employed accountant professionals. The automated accounting manages all the business functionalities and delivers quick accurate results to its users. New customers may install the free application to learn the process of accounting.

The application runs on any device free for 30 days. The trial session ends and suggests users to enroll for a license from Intuit. At reasonable prices these low cost solution is offered to

Why Outsource testing and QA services

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Testing is important when it comes to anything in life. This is also true when it comes to Outsource testing and QA services. There are certainly so many reasons why Outsource testing and QA services are beneficial. Some of the many reasons include;

  • Cost reduction- When you do testing and QA, there will definitely be a reduction in the overall cost. This is because the product that will be released will be a product that is of the best quality. This will reduce cost when it comes to repairs as well as when it comes to upgrading. There will be less repairs that are going to be required. You can also be sure that you are going to avoid costs that normally arise when it comes to expansion of the product. This is because the product produced will be one that is of the best quality and simple to be understood by all.
  • The right product- The product that will be created will be one that will conform to the needs of the customers. This is because through QA testing, you can be able

Access secure QuickBooks remote desktop services

QuickBooks application is recognized with all the modules such as payroll, payment, sales, invoicing, inventory, reporting, CRM, VAT, manufacturing etc. however these modules are specified in the accounting solution though one may get tailor made based on specific business requirements. Intuit offers on demand customized accounting solutions too. QuickBooks is agile accounting software which works for small and medium enterprises though it is equally prolific for self-employed professionals, startups and entrepreneurs who have established their new firms to transform in brand value.  QuickBooks helps organizations to establish the dream business projects into successful ventures. The application is focused to deliver trading needs of SMES globally therefore a company operating in any domain can get the accounting solution QuickBooks. There are other versions of this software which is advance and delivers as per needs of organizations such as QuickBooks pro and premier. The SMEs can manage cash flows and finances of their firm with the application software. Financial management is simplified with the QuickBooks application and enterprises deliver productivity.

Some users who are not much aware with accounting functionalities can learn the accounting process online via tutorials, webinars (live and recorded), online portal videos run by Intuit. Users have various methods

Generate profits with QB Online solution

Business organizations can better manage finances with QuickBooks accounting solution. The application is fast flexible and easy to use for all the users. Even users having less knowledge on accounting can become experts when learning the trial software. The simplified accounting solution is automated process which performs all the business activities hence reducing the manual tasks of accountants, CPAs and Bookkeepers. Free trial version can be installed on any device of customer choice to learn anytime only for 30 days. When the free trial is over the software should be upgraded to get the original license from Intuit. Intuit offers discounts for new customers and existing clients can upgrade the QuickBooks application version. They can upgrade the user access based on the company requirements. There are many other versions of the application such as QuickBooks pro, premier and professional. Customers can select the version whichever is beneficial and productive to their enterprise. Some business owners can get tailor made accounting solution on demand. These customized solutions are specific customer requirements and developed accordingly.

QB Online customers get technical professional accountant expert advice to understand the processing of the application and get the most out of the system. However Intuit offers

Multiple user access on Intuit QuickBooks hosting

Intuit launched QuickBooks solution for small and medium enterprise organizations to deliver productive business solution. For efficient business process it is important that traders should have a robust application which boosts company growth fundamentals and emphasizes on easy functionality of everyday trading. QuickBooks accounting application is one such that performs all the tasks of a corporate and simplifies the process of company trading. For new users QuickBooks is free to learn and understand the process of accounting. Installation is quick and takes few minutes to get it active on any device. QuickBooks app is robust which operates on small devices such as mobiles, tablets. QuickBooks solution is feasible with all the smartphones in the industry hence user do not have to configure system requirements to work on the application. QuickBooks compatibility has made it popular among all the users due to which it performs to be very productive for its customers. QuickBooks is scalable product delivering high yields as it is very simple accounting solution. Simplified process and easy flow of the application is feasible for users having no prior knowledge on the solution to understand the business process.

Since advancement in information technology QuickBooks has become more simplified. It

How to Resolve Hardware and Software Glitches

People are using numerous gadgets in performing works effectively in daily life. Among different gadgets, computer is the most important one for people useful in performing personal as well as professional works effectively. People are buying different computers from market according to requirement and budget. But, even the best device gets problems in a certain period of time and requires maintenance. To get continuous effective performance, the devices need to be maintained carefully by the users. This is because slight problem in gadget creates problems for users in performing works effectively. There are numerous reasons in which gadgets can get problems and hampers works in the ongoing projects. Problems can arise due to accidents, breakage, virus attack, software, hardware and software problems. All these problems need to be resolved by users taking help of skilled technicians found in the market. Maintenance of computer is not easy and expert technicians need to be hired by users. Let us look at how to maintain performance of various gadgets.

iMac is an important gadget of Apple brand with special applications and features. The gadget is useful in performing works effectively during complicated projects. There can’t be a better gadget for tech-savvy professionals in